Intelligent Hoodlum - Black and Proud (Will C. Mix)

A word from Will C. [via Potholes In My Blog]:
I wanted to have some fun and drop an exclusive for my crew over at Potholes, so I decided to put together a remix of Intelligent’s Hoodlum (a.k.a. Tragedy)’s 1990 single, Black and Proud. I am personally a huge fan of Tragedy’s first album from the same year. If you aren’t up on it, I urge you to check it out! His first two albums (Intelligent Hoodlum and Saga of a Hoodlum) were reissued as a double CD fairly recently.

With my limited skills in video editing, I tried to make this exclusive as "behind-the-scenes" as possible. The free download is the finished remix, while the video helps illustrate what went into the production and arrangement of the chopped samples. For good measure, I threw in some footage from the movie I’m sampling on the hook.

Be safe this winter... I’m out!

Download: Intelligent Hoodlum - "Black and Proud" (Will C. Mix)


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