Video: Stussy - J Dilla Documentary Pt. 1

On Saturday, to celebrate the life of brilliant hip hop producer and rapper James "J Dilla" Yancey, Stussy released it's limited edition tee shirt produced in conjunction with Stones Throw and the Dilla Estate. For the release, Stussy held "Dilla Day" events at some of it's North American stores.


MP3: HiPNOTT Records - 2010 Takeover Volume 2

HiPNOTT Records delivers Vol. 2 of their two-part 2010 Takeover free mixtape series. Presented by and, this 22-track lyrically driven hip-hop montage is skillfully mixed by DJ Mark-1, who also created the intro, and displays a combination of emerging label signees alongside several hip-hop heavyweights. While Vol. 1 hit listeners with an aggressive trunk worthy hip-hop energy, Vol. 2 provides its antithesis with a more laid back, thought provoking, headphone hip-hop sound.

HiPNOTT Records 2010 Takeover Vol. 2 talent includes ArtOfficial, Amor Jones, DXA, Emilio Rojas, Epsilon Project, Hawdwerk & Jansport J, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Mach Five, MaG, Stevie Crooks, and Tunji, as well as HiPNOTT artists Cymarshall Law, Has-Lo, E Reece, Spectec & Amiri, Jermiside & Danny Diggs, WEB and The Movement Fam (Cee & Bekah, Notion, Tommy Gunnz).

"The artists that we work with and those signed to HiPNOTT have the same things in common -- they want to be put on, they want the masses to hear their voice, they want to share their story," HiPNOTT Records COO, Kareem Fort said. "We created the 2010 Takeover mixtapes to showcase a variety of artists who each have their own unique interpretation of what hip hop is to them, and we stand behind their perspective 100%."

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MP3: Reks - In Between The Lines

01. Green Lantern Intro
02. R.E.K.S. (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
03. I Don’t Play (DJ Premier Exclusive)
04. Understand (Prod. by Lee Bannon)
05. Rap-A-Nomics feat. Slaine & Torae (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
06. Count If Off feat. CurT@ins (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
07. 2012 (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
08. God Damn! feat. Freddie Gibbs (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
09. I Too, America (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
10. 7am feat. Termanology, Steven King, J-Status, & JFK (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
11. That’s What’s Up feat. Bossman (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
12. Hennessy (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
13. Henny @ Halftime feat. Ron Artest (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
14. Dangerous (Showoff) feat. JFK, Statik Selektah, & Kali (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
15. 21st Century Rap (Prod. by Anthem)
16. Banner City feat. Termanology & Easy Money (Prod. by MGI)
17. Diesel feat. Chi Knox & Lucky Dice (Prod. by Rain)
18. City Night Stories feat. Nature, Soul Theory, and G Huff (Prod. by Soul Theory)
19. Down Like That (Lawtown) (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
20. Evil That Men Do feat. JV (Prod. by DEMOBeats)
21. Problem feat. LMS and Saheed (Prod. by OZNY)
22. In Between The Lines Freestyle (Prod. by Infinite Archetype)
23. Lucky Man (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
24. International feat. El Da Sensei and Insight (Prod. by Insight)
25. Something From Nothing feat. Mr M.O.E. & B.R. (ATL) (Prod. by S-Type)
26. Jena Side (Prod. by 1914)
27. Invasion Outro


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MP3: Mystik Journeymen - Return 2 The Love

01. Return 2 The Love
02. People Ov The Sun feat. The Grouch
03. There Will Be Blood feat. Murs & Scarub
04. Angels & Demons Symphony
05. Spaceman Libation
06. Anthill

MP3 Download | MidUpload


MP3: Surock feat. Copywrite, Canibus & Chino XL - Suicypher


MP3 Download: Surock feat. Copywrite, Canibus & Chino XL - "Suicypher"


MP3: Cookin' Soul - Big Dilla


MP3 Download | Mediafire


MP3: Ras Kass - The Endangered Lyricist

Now this is dope. Old Ras Kass > New Ras Kass.

In order to raise awareness about the endangered lyricist crisis, is proud to present Ras Kass' newest project, The Endangered Lyricist. This mixtape features 15 classic Ras Kass tracks from 1996 up to 2009, including Goldyn Chyld, Miami Life and Nature of the Threat.

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Video: Exile - LRG Visually Heard Interview

In this episode of LRG's Visually Heard, Exile takes a minute to talk about his musical history and how his father made music that is still being sought after to this day.


MP3: Emilio Rojas x Scheme x Astonish - Helluva Year (Prod. by Dario)

Since conducting the first Closed Session with New Orleans recording artist Curren$y, artists such as Amanda Diva, Kidz In The Hall, Tanya Morgan, U-N-I, Bun B, Donnis, Rhymefest, Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh, and many others have participated. The first Closed Sessions EP, presented and mixed by Ruby Hornet's DJ RTC, will contain contain nine new tracks and is scheduled for released next month. The collection will be distributed digitally as a free download. "Helluva Year," the first leak off the Closed Sessions EP, will also be available on the deluxe version of Scheme's new album Same Rebel, New Cause, which should be out real soon.

MP3 Download: Emilio Rojas, Scheme, & Astonish - "Helluva Year"


Video: DJ Mathematics - Return Of The Wu & Friends Interview

Wu-Tang Clan producer/DJ Mathematics discusses his role in the Wu-Tang, where the crew is headed, and how he assembled the new collection Return of the Wu & Friends. The upcoming release features exclusive tracks, lost gems, and old time favorites and includes appearances from all nine MC's from the mighty Wu. Return of the Wu & Friends drops February 16th on Gold Dust & Nature Sounds.


MP3: Descry feat. Von Pea, MED, ADaD, & Danny Brown - Paved Paths

Descry is a Korean-American hip-hop, funk, and jazz producer/DJ. Raised in Los Angeles, his style resides in his classical roots, heavy strings, horns, and punchy drums to create a unique blend of crafted hip-hop. The following joint will be featured on his forthcoming album As Serenity Approaches. Peep what he has to say about the album and single:

I present to you "Paved Paths" off of my upcoming album As Serenity Approaches. The song was programmed by DJ Incise and features Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Stones Throw's MED, Chicago MC ADaD, and Detroit MC Danny Brown. My sophomore LP titled As Serenity Approaches will feature Oddisee, Dumbfoundead, Donwill, Ohmega Watts, Substantial, Raashan Ahmad, John Robinson, TiRon, Theo Martins, Nieve and more...

MP3 Download: Descry feat. Von Pea, MED, ADaD, & Danny Brown - "Paved Paths"


Little Brother - LeftBack (Album Info x Tracklisting)

Little Brother is back for the very last time with a new album to satisfy the yearning masses. The North Carolina duo recently announced the upcoming release of their fourth and final album, LeftBack, available April 20th via Hall of Justus. With production from the likes of Khyrsis, Denaun Porter, Zo!, Symbolyc One, J. Bizness and King Karnov, LeftBack is poised to take listeners on an epic auditory adventure. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh will also be extending invites for the farewell party to fellow emcees Torae, Truck North, Jozeemo, Chaundon and Median, while crooner Darien Brockington and chanteuse Yahzarah are on hand to add a touch of the melodious to the album.

As the momentum behind LeftBack continues to swell, Little Brother is proud to unveil the official artwork and the track listing for the album. Fans will be excited to learn that LeftBack features 13 tracks of unadulterated hip-hop, while the album artwork finds Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh standing tall amidst the ghosts of albums past, press coverage and other memories accumulated throughout Little Brother's celebrated career. "We wanted the fans to have that moment of nostalgia when looking at this artwork" says Rapper Big Pooh. "You are able to take a quick journey from the beginning of our careers to the end as Little Brother by glancing at the artwork." [Audible Treats]

01. Curtain Call (Prod. by Khrysis)
02. Table For Two Feat. Jozeemo & Yahzarah (Prod. by Khrysis)
03. Tigallo For Dolo (Prod. by Khrysis)
04. Revenge feat. Truck North & Median (Prod. by Khrysis)
05. So Cold feat. Chaundon (Prod. by King Karnov)
06. Second Chances feat. Bilal & Darien Brockington (Prod. by Denaun Porter)
07. Go Off Go On (Prod. by Khrysis)
08. What We Are feat. Quiana (Prod. by Young R.J.)
09. After The Party feat. Carlitta Durand (S1 and Caleb’s Who Shot JR Ewing Remix) (Prod. by S1 and Caleb)
10. Two Step Blues feat. Darien Brockington (Zo’s Purple Suit With The Matching Gators Remix) (Prod. by Zo!)
11. Get Enough Pt. 2 feat. Khrysis (Prod. by Khrysis)
12. Before The Night Is Over (Prod. by J.Bizness)
13. 24 feat. Torae (Prod. by Khrysis)


Video: DJ Spinna feat. Homeboy Sandman, P.SO, & Fresh Daily - Get On Down

A couple months ago we caught a glimpse into the making of this music video and just last week the official trailer/teaser was released. Today, AOK Collective members Homeboy Sandman, P.SO, and Fresh Daily have finally released their incredibly fresh new video for the track "Get On Down", produced by and featured on DJ Spinna's album released late last year, Sonic Smash.


Tanya Morgan Presents: Donwill - Laura's Tape (Mixed by DJ KingMost)

Here is a nice new treat from Donwill (one-third of Tanya Morgan). Included in the Bandcamp link below you will find Laura’s Tape, the "Laura’s Song" music video and a flyer with dates for the upcoming High Fidelity Tour with Kooley High and a few special guests. Also, be on the lookout for Donwill's forthcoming full-length album, Don Cusack in High Fidelity, which will be available on March 23rd via digital outlets iTunes, Amazon, Emusic as well as several physical retailers.

<a href="">Love Life ft Lee Sissing (Astronote Remix) by donwill (of tanya morgan)</a>

Download | Bandcamp | Twitter | MySpace


Sabac Red - The Commitment (Prod. by Snowgoons) (Music Video)

Check out this dope new video from Sabac Red off of his latest album, The Ritual, which was released last September. The main message behind the Snowgoons-produced song "The Commitment" is Sabac's personal evolution and commitments such as eating better, reading more, drinking more water, respecting women, choosing love over fear, etc.


Spier1200 & Oktober - Pirate Radio

Oktober & Spier1200 are reunited once again to bring you their newest project, 1200FM:Pirate Radio. Some of you may remember their previous magnum opus, Broke Minds Think Alike as the group 2 For 5 with Ace Lover. This time around these guys are on a serious mission to get rid of the corporate scourge that has polluted the art we know as hip hop. The lead single, "Pirate Radio" is a return to gritty east coast beats and serves as the perfect backdrop for Oktober to execute a solid lyrical attack on the corporate puppet masters. In this day in age of pseudo-rappers who have personal stylists, wear skinny jeans, rock corny mohawks and copy auto-tune hits, its good too know that there still exists MC's who got your back and represent the realness!

Download: Spier1200 & Oktober - "Pirate Radio" | Instrumental


Dilla Days: February 10th

Continuing on with the month-long "Dilla Days" series, and in remembrance of the four year anniversary of J Dilla's untimely passing, here are two more joints for you to reminisce over. Starting off is the cut "Keep It Moving" which Dilla produced as part of The Ummah production crew for A Tribe Called Quest's 1996 release of Beats, Rhymes, & Life. "Keep It Moving" has always been a favorite of mine as it seems to evoke this incredible feeling in my soul and is very inspirational. Secondly is a joint Elzhi recorded sometime between 1997 - 2004 for his Witness My Growth mixtape back in 2006. "Love It Here" features Elzhi's incredible wordplay over an instrumental I've heard a hundred times from Dilla, but for the life of me can't seem to remember which album it was on. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.

Rest in Peace Dilla, I never personally knew you but I sincerely miss you and wish you were still here.

Download: A Tribe Called Quest - "Keep It Moving" (Prod. by J Dilla)
Download: Elzhi - "Love It Here" (Prod. by J Dilla)


Eulorhythmics (ADaD x Kenny Keys) - Leavin'

"Leavin" is the first single off the forthcoming sophomore LP Green St. & Avers Ave. from MC ADaD and producer Kenny Keys, which hits stores on April 13th. Kenny Keys cooks up a fresh batch of dopeness on the track, while aDad compliments nicely with his dynamic flow. I recommend you also check out their 2006 debut EP, appropriately titled Extended Play, for some visionary production and inspired lyricism.

Download: Eulorhythmics (ADaD x Kenny Keys) - "Leavin'"


yU - Beats & Rhymes (Remix) (Prod. by Oddisee)

For those of you who prefer physical copies of albums rather than digital, yU (1/3rd of the Diamond District) will be officially re-releasing his 2009 mixtape "Before Taxes" via Mello Music Group on March 13th, 2010. Fellow Diamond District member Oddisee has contributed two remixes to the retail version, but made several like this one below.

Download: yU - "Beats & Rhymes" (Remix) (Prod. by Oddisee)
Bonus: yU - "Beats & Rhymes" (Original) (Prod. by yU)


Nocando - Exploits and Glitches (Music Video + Audio)

Yesterday, Nocando released his first official music video for the track "Exploits and Glitches", off his debut album Jimmy The Lock. The debut album dropped on Alpha Pup Records last month and the initial single "Hurry Up and Wait" has garnered raving reviews from widespread locales. The album boasts production from some of the tops of the L.A. underground, including Nosaj Thing, Nobody, Daedelus, Thavius Beck, Free the Robots, Maestroe, Th' Corn Gang and with scratching by Gaslamp Killer. Nocando has also released a myriad of collaborations with artists such as Subtitle, Aceyalone, Murs, Luckyiam, Busdriver, Abstract Rude, 2mex, and many others.

Download: Nocando - "Exploits & Glitches"
Download: Nocando - "Hurry Up & Wait"


Dwele - Angel (A Suite For Ma Dukes) (R.I.P. J Dilla)

Today is the fourth anniversary of Dilla’s untimely passing. People are celebrating his life all month long, including here at UGHHN. At Mochilla, they have spent the past year working on A Suite for Ma Dukes. Until now they've held their cards close to the chest releasing videos and entirely instrumental pieces. But today in homage to the man responsible for all this they are releasing, just to you, the first vocal performance from Suite For Ma Dukes. Dwele sang "Angel" that night without rehearsal. It is a classic.


Spectac & Amiri - Gone In Sixty Seconds

In anticipation of the release of HiPNOTT Records 2010 Takeover Vol. 2 mixtape dropping February 15th, the newly formed record label has decided to let a second track loose. "Gone in Sixty Seconds" by Spectac & Amiri is a horn-heavy, jazzy number that echoes the level of talent which landed the duo territory on Billboard’s Top 100 Hip-Hop / R&B list in 2003. "Gone in Sixty Seconds" is true to the laid-back, strictly hip-hop vibe of Volume 2.

Download: Spectac & Amiri - "Gone In Sixty Seconds"


Jern Eye feat. Spank Pops & J. Billion - Cali (Prod. by Jake One) (Music Video)

The left coast comes correct in Jern Eye's new video for Bay Area anthem "Cali." The song features Jern, along with veteran emcee Spank Pops and star on the rise J. Billion, riding the waves of an infectious Jake One beat and trading verses bursting with hometown pride. Now, director Lorezno Escalante, also one of the visionaries behind Jern's "Beautiful" video, brings the neck-snapper to life. "We filmed 'Cali' entirely in San Francisco to give viewers a perspective of the city in California we represent," says Jern. And what a perspective it is. Viewers are treated to a visual tour of the city, as the camera captures performances at iconic locations such as AT&T Ball Park, Treasure Island and Haight Street, while the golden state's picturesque coastline fills out the rest of the video. Shooting was done guerrilla style at times, which inevitably resulted in close encounters of the amusing kind, as Jern explained that filming at Treasure Island caused a stir amongst some of Bay Area's finest. "The local Gestapo were not too happy about it," says Jern with a smile. Be that as it may, there's nothing to be unhappy about with the final product, as Jern & Co. throw down an auditory and visual tribute to their hometown that everyone can be proud of.


Chosen Few feat. Opio - Elevation (Music Video)

West Coast/Midwest trio Chosen Few (Cold Showda x Charles "Chop" Cooper x Unjust) are preparing to drop their highly anticipated Hiero Imperium Records debut New World Symphony on April 6th. The first official single featuring Souls of Michief's Opio, entitiled "Elevation," hit the streets (and iTunes) earlier today, and the crew have been hard at work finishing their chilled-out, yet heavy-hitting new video to go along with it. Shot up close and personal with the emcees spitting to the camera, the video takes place in a small and shadowy room - representing feelings of isolation, confusion, and loneliness that so many can relate to feeling at some point or another. But on the flipside, despite the track's dark and almost bleak feel, listen closely, because the message is one of motivation rather than misery. [Audible Treats]


YC The Cynic - You're Welcome

It's not often you come across a young, budding artist who's thoroughly committed to the art. Since the business is so competitive, many quit before they begin to see results. You don't have to worry about that with YC the Cynic. Coming from Hunts Point, in the South Bronx, YC feels the need to bring more of the Hip-Hop scene back to its birthplace. He intends to do just that, while bettering his community as part of the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective. Lyrically, you don't hear many people that put in as much effort. He has been rhyming before he hit double digits in age. He has already developed a polished delivery, equipped with an unusually large vocabulary, an infectious energy, and a refreshing obsession with detail that makes for entertaining shows, songs, and ciphers. In under a year, YC has performed all over New York City, proving himself to Hip-Hop enthusiasts and pessimists alike. He is determined to be widely considered one of the best emcees ever to grace a microphone, and even though he has a long way to go, YC the Cynic knows the joy is in the journey. So, let the games begin.

<a href="">WHY CEE LA by YC The Cynic</a>

Download | MySpace | Twitter


Substantial & Dub MD Present: Wink (Something Substantial)

Here's yet another special treat from Substantial and the good folks at QN5. Check what they have to say about this project below:

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we feel it’s our job here at QN5 to make sure that you have what you need to ensure that the day or night goes smoothly. We proved it with 2008’s Baby Blue For Pink, and we’re about to do it again.

So we’re proud to give you WINK: Something Substantial, blended by the UK’s Dub MD and hosted by Kno (of CunninLynguists) and Billy Bee Whitums. WINK takes listeners on a 10-year journey of Substantial’s music, focusing mainly on his his love/relationship songs. From throwback classics like the Nujabes-produced "Eclipse" to 3 BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE TRACKS you won’t find on any other releases.

WINK features production by Chew Fu, Kno (CunninLynguists), Nujabes, DJ Deckstream, Tonedeff, Marcus D, Algorythm, Kokayi, Joe.D and more. Guest appearances include Eric Roberson, Extended Famm, Sweep, JsouL, Gods’Illa and Steph the Saphic Songstress; just to name a few.

01. Introduction By Billy Bee Whitums
02. R Luv Songs Gay? (Prod. by Tonedeff)
03. Without You (Prod. by Subtracktion)
04. The Love Song (Prod. by Nujabes)
05. Eclipse (Prod. by Nujabes)
06. Hikari (Prod. by Nujabes)
07. Let Me Stay (Prod. by T-Dot Da Kid)
08. Am I Dreamin’ feat. Nate Vibez (Prod. by Marcus D)
09. It’s You (I Think) (Prod. by Kno)
10. It’s You – Unknown Remix feat. Steph (Prod. by The Unknown)
11. Potential feat. JsouL & Eric Roberson (Prod. by JsouL)
12. Precious Love feat. Milka (Prod. by DJ Deckstream)
13. Up Close & Personal feat. PackFM (Prod. by Tonedeff)
14. She Wanna Roll with A Winner feat. Gods’Illa (Prod. by Joe.D)
15. Peaches feat. Scavone, Doujah Raze, & Potta (Prod. by The Resource)
16. U Can Get It (Prod. by Algorythm)
17. Body Language feat. Powerful (of Gods’Illa) (Prod. by Kokayi)
18. Make Love (Prod. by ChewFu)
19. Can We (Prod. by ChewFu)
20. The Bidness feat. Naturel & rnb
21. Freq’N‘U w/ Fresh Daily & rnb (Prod. by Keeby)
22. The Jacket 3 feat. Steve Wallace (Prod. by Studio Steve Wallace)
23. QT (Quality Time) (Prod. by Final)
24. I’ll Be Back feat. Sweep (Prod. by DJ Deckstream)
25. U Were There feat. JsouL (Prod. by Joe.D)
26. BONUS: Ugly Woman feat. Extended Famm (Prod. by Kno)




Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx - Rearview

As promised by Marco Polo yesterday via Twitter, here is the first official leak off The eXXecution, the collaboration album between Marco and fellow Brooklyn resident Ruste Juxx. "Rearview" is also the B-side to the duo's 12" single which will be available in late March, along with the full-length album currently scheduled for release on March 23rd. This track is ridiculous, do not sleep!

Download: Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx - "Rearview"


Nottz - Shine So Bright

Nottz is one of the most under-rated artists is Hip-Hop, as he has produced for some of the genre's biggest and brightest names. These artists include Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Scarface, J Dilla, G-Unit, Asher Roth, Royce da 5'9, Ghostface, Bilal, Kardinal Offishal, R.Kelly, M.O.P., Rah Digga, Big Pooh, Drake, Bishop Lamont, T.I., Ne-Yo, Xzibit, 50 Cent, Little Brother, Boot Camp Clik, Swizz Beatz, AZ, Murs, Termanology, Slaughter House, Finale, Skyzoo, Buckshot & KRS-One, Cormega and Rakim. In addition to working with such a star-studded cast of artists, Nottz has also been reported to be working with Dr. Dre for the Detox album, which should be hitting stores sometime after World War 3, lol. The single "Shine So Bright" will be featured on Nottz' forthcoming LP, You Need This Music.

Download: Nottz - "Shine So Bright"


Daedelus - Righteous Fists Of Harmony (Album Info + Video)

In this release for Flying Lotus’ up-and-coming label Brainfeeder, Daedelus presents a soundtrack-of-sorts to the Boxer Rebellion. What, you ask, could make such ancient history an inspiration for modern electronics? Well, Daedelus has found a strange relevance to our modern malady in these epic events of long ago...

Continue Reading...[here]


Kam Moye - Forever Fresh (Prod. by Marco Polo) (Music Video)

North Carolina's own, Kam Moye aka Supastition, teams up with Bay Area director, Charles Barcelona for the Marco Polo-produced banger, "Forever Fresh." The video is done documentary-style and showcases Kam in various behind-the-scenes clips, past videos, and show footage from performances in the U.S. and abroad. The rest of the video was shot on location in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The song itself is reminiscent of the former Supastition sound with Kam spitting rapid fire, while still dropping jewels like "I'm what happens when a child prodigy grows up." Marco Polo's head nodding production shines brilliantly throughout the track triumphant horn stabs and classic boom bap drums leave the perfect backdrop for Kam's ferocity. "Forever Fresh" is the b-side to Kam Moye's official second single and latest album title track, "Splitting Image."

Download: Kam Moye aka Supastition - "Forever Fresh" (Prod. by Marco Polo)


Oddisee feat. yU - yU Traveling (NYC Remix)

Life on a road is rite of passage for every artist, and each stop on the journey leaves an indelible mark on those who pass through. MC and producer extraordinaire Oddisee, one third of one of 2009's celebrated group Diamond District, is certainly no stranger to the travel game, having visited the shores of Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America in the name of boom-bap. Be it the sleepy ambiance of a wayside town, or the frenetic energy of a major city, the experiences of Oddisee's worldly adventures are channeled into his new 24-track instrumental album Traveling Man, out now digitally and available as a limited edition vinyl pressing on February 23rd.

In an effort to re-imagine a trip into Gotham City, Oddisee has recruited fellow Diamond District rhyme-slinger yU as passenger for a remix to "NYC." The Big Apple has never sounded so good, as yU laces an electric 16 bar verse over a vibrant track that captures a slice of the timeless spirit of the city. Infectious drums and soaring strings serve as a sonic travel guide through the boroughs as yU echoes the resilience of NYC, rapping that there's "a lot more to do, but off to a good start." Safe travels, everyone.

Download: Oddisee feat. yU - "yU Traveling (NYC Remix)"


Kida - The Endemic (Untagged Version)

Last month rapper Kida hooked up with producer Focus & DJ Skee to release The Endemic, but now has decided to re-release it without the annoying tags from DJ Skee.

DJ Skee & a.Fam Entertainment are proud to present the release of Kida‘s new project, The Endemic.

The project, which took roughly 14 months to create, was a labor of love between Kida and executive producer TheRealFocus... "At one point I thought the album was complete, but Focus thought it was "good" when it could be great," says Kida.

With original production from Focus, 9th Wonder, DJ Khalil, !llmind, Jake One, Mell & D, Seige, and Wyldfyer, the project shines in its mission to show hip hop listeners that there is another side of West Coast music.

<a href="">13. Platinum Status feat DJ Rhettmatic (Produced by TheRealFocus&#8230;) **UNTAGGED** by KIDA</a>



The Rest Of Dilla Vol. 1 (Mixed by DJ Rasta Root)

I've decided to hold off my Dilla Days post for today, but in memory of J Dilla's birth date it was necessary for me to post something. I figured most of y'all would want more than two songs to celebrate, so I found this new mix from DJ Rasta Root which features thirty of Dilla's older productions for artists ranging from Slum Village to De La Soul.

DJ Rasta Root says that this mix was a long time in the making. "I didn't want to do a Dilla mix just because he had passed away. I always seem to include a Slum [Village] or Dilla produced track in my DJ sets, so I felt like it was time to put all my favorite tracks on one disc that I would listen to. It just so happens that I am able to share that with the world." Roots also speaks about what can be expected on the mix, "I feel like my strength is mixing and blending, so that what you will seamless blend from start to gimmicks, no talking....just DILLA".



Dilla Days: February 6th

Rolling along with the sixth installment of Dilla Days, I've chosen another highly potent pair of productions for you to enjoy. The first joint is "Pause," which was the lead single on Dilla's 2001 incredible solo debut album Welcome 2 Detroit. The single which Jay produced but did not to perform on, instead features his good friends Frank-N-Dank who, "brace the horn-laced track with suitably over-the-top braggadocio". And finishing up for day six is the title track off of Florida-based MC Dynas' sophomore album The Apartment, which was released just last year. The production from Jay on this song was previously unheard to most, but has been said to be found on one of his older beat tapes.

Download: J Dilla feat. Frank-N-Dank - "Pause"
Download: Dynas - "The Apartment" (Prod. by J Dilla)


Grieves - Smile For The Blade

On Monday it was officially announced that Grieves had signed to Rhymesayers and that he would be re-issuing his latest album 88 Keys & Counting on March 2nd, as well as releasing a brand new album later on in the year. To kick off the official Fifth Element pre-order, grab "Smile For The Blade" off of The Confessions of Mr. Modest EP which you will receive free with your pre-order of 88 Keys & Counting.

Download: Grieves - "Smile For The Blade"


Dilla Days: February 5th

Continuing on with the fifth of twenty-eight days dedicated to James "J Dilla" Yancey is another pair of creations that are sure to keep your head nodding. Starting off is a track most of you are probably familiar with from the Jaylib collaboration album Champion Sound. The Talib Kweli assisted cut "Raw Shit" represents exactly what the title of the song says and is yet another example of Dilla's versatile production styles. Secondly, we have a song I don't know a lot about other than it's extreme dopeness. The song is called "I Must Love You" and for whatever reason was the only Dilla production featured on Guilty Simpson's album Ode To The Ghetto. Anyways, the beat is absolutely nuts and if you haven't heard it I would highly recommend that you take a few seconds to check it out.

Download: Jaylib feat. Talib Kweli - "Raw Shit" (Prod. by J Dilla)
Download: Guilty Simpson - "I Must Love You" (Prod. by J Dilla)


In Celebration and Memory of the G.O.A.T.

Wish I was rich and could hop on a plane tomorrow to catch this event...
Don't miss out on this if you reside in or around NYC.

It's that time of year again ladies and gentlemen, on February 6th, drop whatever it is you planned on doing and head over to The Bell House in Brooklyn for Rare Form's 4th edition of Donuts Are Forever. This event is the annual NYC tribute to the late great James "J Dilla" Yancey. To enter all you need is a $5 minimum donation (more encouraged), and the proceeds will go to the J Dilla Foundation. Music for the evening will be provided by ?uestlove, DJ Brainchild, Parler, and more, while Guilty Simpson will be holding down hosting duties. For more information visit This is sure to be a hot one (as it always is) - be there, and be there early. [Okayplayer]


Luckyiam - TV In The Afternoon (Prod. by Kruse)

Luckyiam's non-stop grind continues into the new year/decade as he prepares the release of his forthcoming album, "I Love Haters". Fresh off his collaboration album (The Prime - One Uppers) with producer/MC Sapient of the Sandpeople, Lucky has decided to let loose of the clever, Kruse-produced joint titled "TV In The Afternoon" which will be featured on the new album. Also in related news, later this year Luckyiam & Sunspot Jonz will be reuniting for a long overdue Mystik Journeymen album.

Download: Luckyiam - "TV In The Afternoon" (Prod. by Kruse)


Kooley High feat. Median - Solitude

Here is the first official single off the forthcoming Kooley High project Eastern Standard Time. The track finds MC's Charlie Smarts, Tab One, Rapsody, and fellow North Carolina native Median professing their love (along with a little lust) to Ms. Hip Hop over the soulful production of Foolery, who borrows a head-nodding groove and vocal hook from The Supremes' "Happy (Is a Bumpy Road)".

Download: Kooley High feat. Median - "Solitude"


Dilla Days: February 4th

Kicking things off on a similar note to day one, I bring to you another Dilla banger that was produced almost fifteen years ago, yet still sounds better than over half of the stuff coming out today. Just another testament to how far ahead of the time he was with creating timeless hip-hop classics. This time around, off long-time collaborator Busta Rhymes' 1996 solo debut album, The Coming, is the song "Keep It Moving". The track features Busta's former crew Leaders of the New School, which some of you older heads and young rap history students may remember. And last but not least, to complete the fourth day of Dilla Days is one of my all time favorite De La Soul songs, "Through Ya City". This funky, feel-good joint went on to be the third official single off of De La's fifth album AOI: Mosaic Thump and was also featured in the Jon Favreau directed film, Made.

Download: Busta Rhymes feat. Leaders of the New School - "Keep It Movin'" (Prod. by J Dilla)
Download: De La Soul - "Thru Ya City" (Prod. by J Dilla)


Dominion (PackFM x Substantial x Mr. Mecca) - Shut Up And Rhyme (Prod. by S.2)

Finished chuckling at the cover? Good, now its time to take a listen to "Shut Up And Rhyme" and prepare your menacing grill for the hard beats and hard rhymes brought by PackFM, Substantial and Mr. Mecca as Dominion returns over the raw production of Australian beatsmith S.2. [QN5]

Download: Dominion - "Shut Up & Rhyme" (Prod. by S.2) | Instrumental


DJ K.O. - Força b/w Get 'Em (Remix) (Digital 12")

"Força" is the latest single off DJ K.O.'s EP, Living Out A State of Mind Vol. 3, which showcases Silent Knight's inspirational social commentary and M. Josephine's powerful chorus over an anthemic beat by upcoming Brazilian producer, Laudz.

Keeping with the traditional formatting of the vinyl days, we've got a "B-Side" to liberate for this new Digital 12". "Get 'Em (Remix)" features Silent Knight, Skyzoo & Emilio Rojas trading bars over production from Neenah, an upcoming producer/singer from the Netherlands. This track is taken from DJ K.O.'s upcoming release with Beat*Society, dropping April 6th, titled Master Thieves 02: Picture These Remixes.

<a href="">Get ' Em (Remix) by DJ K.O.</a>

Download | Mediafire | Band Camp


Tassnata feat. Promise, Black Milk, & Liya - Remember (Prod. by Northern Profit)

British Columbia MC Tassnata is a new name to me and he has a new album titled Between Planets hitting select stores soon, which promises to be his best work yet. The record features the newest radio single "Remember" featuring Detroit mainstay Black Milk and Toronto's Promise and singer Liya. The upcoming album also boasts features from Elzhi and Masta Ace.

Download: Tassnata feat. Promise, Black Milk, & Liya - "Remember" (Prod. by Northern Profit)


Dilla Days: February 3rd

Moving forward with the third installment of "Dilla Days", I have provided a new pair of Dee-licious slappers that you may or may not have heard. Firstly we have another remix, but this time for Common's Grammy nominated classic, "The Light", which can be found on his 2000 LP Like Water For Chocolate. Those familiar with the original song are already aware that it was produced by Dilla and was basically flawless, but he and Common also decided to remix the track featuring additional vocals by Erykah Badu and was then released by Motown Records as a single for the Bamboozled OST. And secondly is another classic in my book, "The Look Of Love Pt. 1", which was recorded in Dilla's home studio circa 1996/97 for Slum Village's debut album Fan-Tas-Tic Vol. 1. Later on in 2000, the song was re-released on the Best Kept Secret album from J-88 (alias of Slum Village), just prior to Dilla's temporary departure from the group.

Download: Common feat. Erykah Badu - "The Light (Remix)"
Download: Slum Village - "The Look Of Love Pt. 1"


Boog Brown - Grind Season Vol. 1

In anticipation of her upcoming album, The Brown Study, with Detroit producer Apollo Brown, Atlanta-based MC Boog Brown entices fans with a taste of things to come on her latest mixtape The Grind Season Vol. 1. A collection of music that features production from Illastrate, Lex Boogie and 14KT, inlcuding appearances from staHHr, Fluxwonda (of Binkis Recs), and more. "Grind Season is a state of being," says Boog on the meaning behind the mixtape's title. "Every day you must grind for your vision. Mine is making honest music." Tracks on the mixtape, including "Grind Season," "Anymode," and "The Essence" serve as perfect examples of Boog's smooth flow and propensity for delivering strong rhymes over laid-back beats. It's all the reassurance you need that, as Boog herself says, "The Boys Club is non-existent to me."


Download | MySpace | Twitter


Substantial feat. JsouL - U Were There x U Were There (Remix)

Substantial refuses to take any time off, returning with his new single, "U Were There", featuring singer JsouL and produced by DMV beatsmith, Joe.D (of Dirty Water). To add even more flavor to the sauce, Big Tune Beat Battle (Seattle) Champ, Marcus D. comes through with an inescapably silky remix that would make Sade proud.

"U Were There" is taken from from Substantial’s forthcoming mixtape, WINK (Something Substantial), which will take listeners on a 10-year journey of Substantial’s music, focusing mainly on his his love/relationship songs. From throwback classics like the Nujabes-produced "Eclipse", to three all new exclusive songs to add to the fire. WINK will be released on Feb. 9, 2010 at and is blended by the UK’s Dub MD and hosted by Kno (of CunninLynguists).

Download: Substantial feat. JsouL - "U Were There" (Prod. by Joe.D) | Instrumental
Download: Substantial feat. JsouL - "U Were There (Marcus D. Remix)" | Instrumental


DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox - The BYOB EP

F-Train Music, HipHopGame, and The Bash Brothers team up with DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox to bring you this exclusive free EP featuring the likes of Illa Ghee, Chaundon, Little Vic and more.

01. Ya Gone feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y, Kaleber & Typ Ill
02. Hardbody feat. Illa Ghee
03. Sundown feat. Kaleber
04. Story To Tell feat. Chaundon & Little Vic
05. Zonin feat. Typ Ill




Dilla Days: February 2nd

Continuing on with the second day of this month's "Dilla Days" series we have another pair of Dilla produced joints. First off, from the universally acclaimed and probably most notable release, Donuts, in 2006, is the fantastic instrumental entitled "Hi". The beat was later on used by Ghostface Killah for his Fishscale album on the song "Beauty Jackson". Secondly is one of my favorite songs of all time bluntly titled "Fuck The Police" which was released as a 12" for Up Above Records in 2001. In the song, Dilla chastises corrupt policemen who conduct illegal searches and plant evidence on African Americans. The 12" sleeve cover includes pictures of Mumia Abu-Jamal and Rodney King, both of which are known for their run-ins with law enforcement.

Download: J Dilla - "Hi."
Download: J Dilla - "Fuck The Police"


Bekay feat. M-Dot & Reef The Lost Cauze - Brain Tumors (Remix)

Here's the final leak off of Bekay's upcoming Hunger Pains Remixes EP album, which is scheduled for release next Tuesday. The "Brain Tumors" remix features the rising star out of Boston, M-Dot, and one of Philly's finest, Reef The Lost Cauze.

Download: Bekay feat. M-Dot & Reef The Lost Cauze - "Brain Tumors (Remix)"


TRUTHLiVE - Shoot Me Down (Prod. by Tha Bizness)

The first single "Shoot Me Down" from TRUTHLiVE's upcoming EP The Unlearning, paints a biography of the MCs life experience. TRUTHLiVE explains, "In all honesty, what sparked the idea for the song was the gunshot and respirator breathing sound effects already in the beat." The song's intense drumbeat and bass set the tone, while a piano line and soul clap give the track an extra pop. As the piano mimics the spoken pulse, TRUTHLiVE drives the song's theme home, rapping, "They wanna shoot me down, wanna kill all my dreams/ But I keep on breathing, keep on believing." As a self-proclaimed optimistic realist, TRUTHLiVE built on the sounds of Tha Bizness' powerful beat and produced an empowering theme song for the downtrodden.

"Shoot Me Down" is a response to the many doubters that independent artists face. "Being an indie artist on the 'underground' circuit is a struggle," says TRUTHLiVE. "I've come across countless non-believers and outright haters; those who don't think I have chosen a viable career. I have always remained steadfast in my conviction for Hip-Hop, rapping, and poetry." The Unlearning is the precursor to the forthcoming full-length album Patience (out on 4.20.2010) which is meant to give listeners a taste of his unique style and will be produced entirely by Jake One. The EP will feature production by Tha Bizness, The ARE, Vitamin D, J-Zone, and TRUTHLiVE himself. [Audible Treats]

Download: TRUTHLiVE - "Shoot Me Down" (Prod. by Tha Bizness)


Guilty Simpson - Piglets (Oh No Remix)

This past year, around the same time Madlib was creating his remix of Guilty Simpson's Ode to the Ghetto for his Madlib Medicine Show #1 release, 'Libs little brother Oh No began remixing the tracks as well, using samples from the Now-Again catalog. Oh No's Ghettodes collection is not an album, but a few tracks have been released, including this remix for the song "Pigs" which was originally produced by Madlib for the Ode To The Ghetto.

Download: Guilty Simpson - "Piglets (Oh No Remix)"
Bonus: Guilty Simpson - "Pigs" (Prod. by Madlib)


J Dilla by Stussy

Stussy and Stones Throw Records have partnered for Raph Rashid's classic pic of J Dilla on a limited-edition Stussy Tee. This will be released Feb. 13, 2010 in White and Black, available at and Stussy locations. The photo was taken by Raph Rashid in Dilla's L.A. dining room-turned-studio, summer 2005, for his book Behind The Beat: Hip-Hop Home Studios.

This tee is officially licensed with J Dilla's heirs, who have recently announced a reorganization of the J Dilla Estate (read here).

Stones Throw will also be announcing a multi-city in-store release parties for these shirts. Additional info may be found on the sites below.

J Dilla| Stussy | Stones Throw




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