Sareem Poems feat. Theory Hazit - Come Get It

You might not jump at the name, but Sareem Poems is no stranger to the game. Formerly Sharlok Poems of LA Symphony, the Long Beach, California emcee has been contributing his brand of positive hip-hop and earning the respect of hip-hop fans for years. On his latest single, "Come Get It", off his Mello Music Group release, Black and Read All Over Deluxe Edition, Sareem makes sure you know he's no new-comer. Joining forces with another well-respected and longtime contributor to the hip-hop world, producer/DJ Theory Hazit, Sareem delivers another eye opening hip-hop gem and demands that you pay attention.

"Mind of a black panther/Heart of a black pastor." Within seconds of cueing it up, the brooding church bells, thumping bass drum, and hardcore spitfire assault slams your speakers. The powerful combination of Sareem and Theory is a perfect storm of intelligent lyrics, complex rhyme flow, and heavy-hitting production. "Come Get It" is one of the most relentless tracks you've heard in ages. Prepare to be bumping it out your car for weeks to come.

Download: Sareem Poems feat. Theory Hazit - "Come Get It"


Dilla Donuts December 10, 2009 at 2:18 PM  

This shit KNOCKS! Don't sleep...

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