United States of Mind Presents: Metasyons - Eviction Notice

United States of Mind Presents: Metasyons' Eviction Notice.

This mixtape/sampler was produced because I (Meta) am broke as fuck!! I recently received an eviction notice, so that’s what sparked this project. You people can at least give me the pleasure of enjoying my music, hence the free download! Spread the word. We need this to be major! Maybe it could lead to me eating again.

01. Eviction Notice
02. Bang Out
03. Ignorance
04. Greek Shit
05. Sidewalk Speech
06. For You feat. D.Allie
07. Me N' Ro feat. RoSpit!

<a href="http://unitedstatesofmind.bandcamp.com/album/eviction-notice">Metasyons - Eviction Notice by United States of Mind</a>



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