Cadik - Basic


After several years of deejaying, Cadik is still a remarkable name in the game, putting himself to the test in the studio as well. As a result of this, he played a relevant role in the Membran project, and now released his first debut album Basic featuring artists like Phat Kat, MED and Elzhi of the Detroit underground super group Slum Village.

01. Beats From Budapest
02. Do It feat. Phat Kat
03. Don't Look Back feat. Finale & Invincible
04. One For You feat. One Be Lo
05. All Soundz Blues
06. Keep It Real feat. Elzhi & Phat Kat
07. Step With Us feat. Zeek
08. Big Mountain feat. Dizko Stu & Sena
09. Sleep In The Studio
10. Basics feat. Medaphoar
11. Hard Times feat. Blu
12. MC's I See Them feat. Zeek
13. Zoska Beat feat. Judie Jay
14. Egy Egyszemélyes Egyszemélyes




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