BBE (Banga Brothas Entertainment) - Certified Bangas: The Album

My bro and I have been in the process of executive producin' compilation CD's featurin' some of New England's illest MC's, producers and DJ's. We recently released "Certified Bangas: The Album" and found it to be a huge success. The artists that we worked with on this CD put out some TIGHT, exclusive tracks which were taylor made for BBE use only. Some of the cats that put it work for our first compilation album are The Camp, Krumbsnatcha, J The S, Amadeus The Stampede, Masstapeace, Daniel Laurent, Dramatik, Tek. MP, Minus, and many more. In our opinion, these MC's are pillars in the local, Boston hip-hop community and are keepin' this strugglin' genre alive with every track that they put on wax. We have nothin' but love for all of those that came through big time with tracks, beats, cuts, etc. One regret that we have had in the past, and continue to think about daily, is the minimal amount of distribution that we have for our compilation. Not nearly enough people have heard this album YET. We plan on fixin' this mistake with the release of our sophomore album. We're in the process of compilin' the album and it is tentatively titled "Hand-To-Hand Across America". Once we release this album, we plan to correct our mistakes with distribution and re-circulate our first album as a package deal with Hand-To-Hand. We have about 35 percent of the tracks complete for our 2nd compilation so GET READY, PEOPLE!! SHIT'S GONNA BE STRAIGHT FIRE!!


01. The Camp - 'Certified Bangas' (Produced By: Grubby Pawz)
02. Minus - 'Summer High' (Produced By: Domingo)
03. Krumb Snatcha - 'Street Merchant (Produced By: Thorotracks)
04. J The S (formerly Jake The Snake) feat. Vietdom - '3 O'Clock Rock' (Produced By: Domingo)
05. The Camp - 'Mixin The Days Up' (Produced By:
06. Sondro Castro feat. Ashy Knuxx - 'Stompin Niggas Out' (Produced By: Genius)
07. Bishup Bicardi - 'Voodoo' (Produced By: Grime)
08. Dramatik feat. Hectic - 'Be So Cruel' (Produced By:
09. A Masstapeace - 'Super Fresh' (Produced By: Skammadix)
10. Lyrical - 'Pass Me The Mic' (Produced By: Teddy Roxpin)
11. The Camp - 'It's Over' (Produced By:
12. Amadeus The Stampede - 'Cut Me A Check' (Produced By: Matty Trump)
13. Daniel Laurent (aka DL) - 'Trouble' (Produced By: Teddy Roxpin)
14. Oak Lonetree feat. Excetera, Dese - 'Try Again' (Produced By: Billy Blaze)
15. Rite Hook feat. Amadeus The Atampede, Blak Madeen - 'Follow Us' (Produced By: Skammadix)
16. Jon Regul - 'Story Bout Me' (Produced By: Domingo)
17. Subtex - 'Remember' (Produced By: Skammadix)
18. Tek. MP - 'Shit Is Real' (Produced By: John Doe)
19. The Camp - 'Lets Go Crazy' (Produced By:
20. Sev-One feat. V.R. - 'Who I Am' (Produced By: Sev-One)
21. Poundz - The Rundown (Produced By. (Bonus)

Here is their first compilation release for those that slept! This right here is some of the finest hip hop to come out of Beantown this year. I was really surprised with the quality of this release. Most compilations sometimes have a few week tracks and beats but say for only 1 particular track on this album (Sondro Castro feat. Ashy Knuxx - Stompin Niggas Out, absolutely wack song!!!) this has the potential to be compilation of the year. Though some of you might not be familiar with all the artists, I myself only know The Camp, Amadeus, J The S & Krumb Snatcha, most hold their weight over the heavy hittin beats, done mainly by Domingo, Teddy Roxpin, Skammadix & and all four drop the best beats, especially Teddy Roxpin & newcomer, Don't sleep on this dope release and stay tuned for more from BBE.


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