88-Keys - The Death Of Adam


88-Keys' prestige was established back in the late 90’s when he was producing cuts for lyrical titans like Mos Def and Talib Kweli. This time around though, Keys wants to get something off his chest in front of the mic. On The Death of Adam (Decon), Keys tells the story of a man, Adam, who dies over his love/hate relationship with the sugar-walled juice-box named Pussy.

As far as theme albums go, Keys puts together a sequence with few, if any, holes. On songs like “The Friends Zone” about “BFF - Best fucking friend," and "Close Call" featuring Little Brother's own Phonte, Keys warns against the hazards of unprotected sex, or else risk the perilous fate talked about in other songs like, “The Burning Bush” featuring Redman and “Dirty Peaches” featuring J*Davey.

Thankfully, Keys uses his sophisticated musical sensibilities to keep the theme out of redundancy. Samples of rock and R&B soul classics are fused with smart jazz arrangements throughout The Death of Adam. Philly neo-soul crooner Bilal takes the Sly & The Family Stone classic, “Mother Beautiful” and reworks it into an impressive groove, appropriately entitled "M.I.L.F”. Then there’s the album’s first single, “Stay Up (Viagra),” featuring Kanye West and showing off sampling skills reminiscent of the late, J Dilla.

The Death of Adam’s true obscure twist is when 88 filters his vocals to sound muffled in the majority of his tracks, causing his message to fall faint, such as in "Handcuff 'Em." Still he stands strong, as a singer, rapper and producer, without over-stepping or being over-shadowed. 88-Keys rejuvenates Adam and Eve's original sin, as a headstrong, every-man, pussy-claiming storyteller.

01. Morning Wood
02. Nice Guys Finish Last
03. The Friends Zone feat. Shitake Monkey
04. Handcuff ‘Em
05. Stay Up! (Viagra) feat. Kanye West
06. There’s Pleasure In It
07. (Awww Man) Round 2?
08. Dirty Peaches feat. J’Davey
09. Close Call feat. Phonte
10. The Burning Bush feat. Redman
11. Ho’ Is Short For Honey feat. Kid Cudi
12. No. I Said I LIKED You
13. M.I.L.F. feat. Bilal
14. Another Victim




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