8thW1 - Love, Money, & Music


With accessible lyrics and production that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes real hip hop, New Jersey native 8thW1 drops a full-length debut worth a listen with Love, Money and Music! Starting at a young age and perfecting his skills over the years, the seasoned emcee conceptualizes the albums meaning on every track, and overall the philosophy is that you can have money, love, and music but you can almost never have all three and be happy without outside influences and hardships in your life that only you can overcome. Intellectual, philosophical a little spiritual, at times experimental and not afraid of criticism. If you need comparisons think a less commercially influenced Lupe Fiasco.

01. Death of A Slacker
02. A Fool’s Lullaby (Could It Be)
03. Money
04. Runnin’
05. Life
06. Fresh
07. Drunken Saturday
08. HeartBeat
09. Posers
10. The End to Begin
11. Rain
12. Stroll




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