DJ Wich Presents: Nironic - The Chronicles Of Nomad


After one week in Prague, Nironic met a young American piano player, Loren Cobel, and formed the group, Cherry Hill. The group quickly gained exposure with their organic sound and songs like “No Surrender” and “Terrorist Shit”. An offshoot of this group, The Regime, featuring Nironic, rapper Emdee and DJ Tuco also gained hip-hop notoriety with their EP “Change the Channel.” One of the group’s songs, “Out of the Fire,” caught the attention of the Czech super group, Indy & Wich, and they asked to do a remix. Nironic went on to be featured on “Live,” the single from Indy A Wich’s second record “Hadej Kdo.” The song became an overnight hit. This led to Nironic and DJ Wich collaborating on an LP, “The Chronicles of a Nomad.” This breakthrough record made Nironic a permanent fixture in Czech hip and drew the attention of Skoop Records, so in 2007 both NI and DJ Wich were signed to record contracts. Nironic released the “Let’s Go” EP in Winter 2008.

01. N.Y-C.Z.
02. Best Thing
03. All My Life feat. Tina
04. 12:15
05. Ladies And Gentlemen
06. 7 Ways To Sunday
07. In This
08. Lady featuring Tom Malar
09. Nomad
10. A Yo
11. Rufus
12. Revolution
13. Sometimes
14. The Hustle
15. Blood
16. Right Now
17. The Real (Intro)
18. The Real (Hip-Hop)

Don't sleep on this, this is one of the best albums released in 2007 that you never knew about. I think DJ Wich produced the whole album and if you got to check the DJ Wich album, The Golden Touch then you know the beats are gonna be fire. There's a perfect blend of boom bap, soul and clubby vibe without sounding wack or cheesy. Nironic definitely can spit and as you progress through the album, you soon realise how ill Nironic is. Trust me, this is one sick album and you'd be crazy to past this one up. Don't forget to let me know what y'all think of the album! Enjoy!!!



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