Rugged Intellect - Renaissance Music: The Introduction


Expertism Music Group is proud to announce the release of Rugged Intellect's debut LP, entitled "Renaissance Music: The Introduction." The hottest newcomer in the industry, Rugged Intellect's lyricism is compared to Rakim and Big Punisher, an easy and accurate comparison. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Rugged's multi-lingualism combined with his multisyllabic, relentless rhyme schemes position him as a unique voice in the hip-hop industry. Production is handled by Domingo, Buckwild (DITC), Memo (Molemen), Montreal's Apokalyptik and Executive Producer Adam Sampler. The album was given 3.5 Mics in The Source Magazine (May 2007), quite an accomplishment for a new artist with no major label backing!

01. Intro (Renaissance Music)
02. What It Is
03. Say Goodbye
04. Guaranteed feat. Rock
05. Biters Block
06. DBA feat. R.A. The Rugged Man
07. Gonna Move
08. Life I Love
09. All Fair feat. Kool G Rap
10. By Any Means
11. Break 'Em Off
12. Next Dose feat. Ras Kass
13. Interlude
14. Real Recognize Real
15. Like That feat. AG
16. Truth & Consequences
17. Biters Block (Remix)
18. Say Goodbye (Remix) feat. Party Arty, Sean Price, Rustee Juxx & Solomon Childs



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